Connectis, member of the European group Getronics, is a Spanish company leader in advanced communication solutions and consultancy and IT innovation for business.

Connectis, a global company of IT services, has more than 40 years of experience unifying the activity, the business and the technical and human resources of Thales Information Systems (Spain and Argentina), Steria Ibérica (Spain and Portugal), NEC (Spain and Portugal) and Telvent Global Services (Spain, Brasil and Chile).

We are experts in Advanced Mobility, Collaboration and Online Presence, Banking, Process Automation, Security, Communication and Systems, Business Intelligence, SAP, Outsourcing Services in all areas, Social Services and Employment Services are the main competences of Connectis business, where its main assets and solutions fit on a high-level technological experts network at the business and its customers service.

Business lines: Connectis has unified its services and solutions in four large sectors that provide services to the customers with professionals and specific areas and, in this way, enhance the knowledge and the experience.

  • In the public sector we focus on high-level services oriented to the employment and electronic administration, among other skills.
  • In the industrial sector, critical infrastructures, energy and transport, we highlight with our industrial process automation (MES), the operational and integral management of large customers (BPM) and the implementation of a central security system (SOC).
  • In the financial sector, Connectis has solutions designed for to assume the entities digitization projects, the implementation of electronic banking and mobile banking systems, the signing and certification of documents and notifications, the physical and logic security with information encryption solutions and transactions, in addition, it provides risk assessment and financial & estate assets management services.
  • In the social-health care sector we have solutions based on Comprehensive  Electronic Clinical History for public and private health, as well as for Social Services. Our services are comprehensive from infrastructure management to mobility, and we are based on our own Software Products that we adapt to optimize the management of the social-health care professionals. 

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