It's time for the second BaselOne, formerly known as Java Basel. Software enthusiasts from the region will meet on October 19, 2017 for this one-day conference in the Markthalle in Basel, Switzerland.

With four tracks and 250+ participants expected, the event has evolved from a pure Java-focused conference to cover diverse topics in software development. Two experts from Magnolia will be speaking.

Nicolas Barbé will give an introduction on how to build simple Reactive Systems in Java. He will illustrate the advantages of this approach with some concrete examples based on the latest Spring 5 released recently. He will discuss how they perform and scale compared with more traditional approaches. Nowadays, systems are more and more distributed and must handle an increasing amount of traffic coming from an increasing number of other systems. One approach to solve these challenges has been formalized as Reactive Systems. A reactive system is an architectural style based on a set of design principles to build distributed systems that are elastic, resilient, consistent and responsive. 

Nicolas is a software engineer and technology enthusiast, working for Magnolia. He has a comprehensive expertise in integration, deployment approaches, distributed systems and cloud architectures.

Cedric Reichenbach and Ilgün Ilgün will speak on "Supercharging user experience with machine learning". They will present a modern approach to pushing content and actions closer to users. Instead of manually scouting user interfaces, a smart search mechanism acts as a gateway to any kind of actionable item in a system.

Cedric is a software engineer holding a Master's degree in computer science. Researching and creating developer tools for graduation projects at the University of Bern spawned his interest in usability questions, as well as learning and scalable systems. Before joining the Magnolia Core team in 2016, Cedric spent several years implementing customer projects on top of the Magnolia platform, ranging from small business websites to large-scale enterprise ecosystems.

Ilgün is a software engineer who has worked at Magnolia since 2015. Prior to joining Magnolia, he worked for Shazam Entertainment LTD where he creatied distributed software. Ilgün holds a Masters degree in software engineering.

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